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Margaret Karram and Gen Verde present at Genfest 2024

22 March 2024   |   International, Genfest 2024, Gen Verde
Gen Verde_Festival Halleluya 2023_Lisboa Portugal
Gen Verde_Festival Halleluya 2023_Lisboa Portugal

Focolare Movement President, Margaret Karram, confirms her presence at Genfest 2024 and Gen Verde is the main musical attraction at this large youth festival.

With its music rich in accents and multicultural tones, the international group Gen Verde will take part in all 3 phases of the festival, which takes place in July of this year. Focolare president Margaret Karram and the co-president Jesús Moran will be in Brazil for the 2nd and 3rd phases of Genfest, in the city of Aparecida/SP.

For the first time in Latin America, the Genfest, which will take place in the next July in the city of Aparecida in the countryside of São Paulo, has confirmed that the Focolare Movement’s president, Margaret Karram, and its co-president, Jesús Moran will be present. With the theme “Together to Care”, this great youth festival seeks to promote connection between young people and encourage them to take on the commitment of taking care of the planet’s life, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations (UN).

According to Margaret Karram, “Genfest will be a unique opportunity for everyone, above all, a way to announce God to many young people, besides being able to witness the charity among us”, she revealed in a recent livestream. Karram took the opportunity to thank the young people from all over Brazil for everything they have been doing the last two years. “I’m very happy to be able to go to Brazil and live this great experience. Genfest is not just a youth festival, but also an experience of fraternity and, mainly, love for those who suffer. It’s an opportunity to bring hope to many people”, she said.

Margaret Karram, Presidente del Movimento dei Focolari - Foto CSC audiovisivi
Margaret Karram, Presidente del Movimento dei Focolari – Foto CSC audiovisivi

Hailing from the Holy Land, Margaret Karram is an Arab-Christian. She holds a B.A. in Jewish Studies from the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, United States and she has held various positions for the Focolare in Los Angeles and in Jerusalem. She speaks Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and English. Since 2014, she has been working as an advisor for Italy and Albania at the Focolare International Center, being co-responsible for Dialogue between ecclesiastic movements and new Catholic communities. She was elected to the presidency with two thirds of the votes from the 359 participants in the Focolare Movement’s General Assembly. Karram is the third Focolare president since 2021.

Gen Verde

Gen Verde – another confirmed presence for the 3 phases of Genfest 2024 is Gen Verde International Performing Arts Group, musical group made up of 19 artists from 14 countries. In phase 1, Gen Verde will promote artistic workshops as part of the Start Now Workshop Project. In phase 2, which is the main event, the musical group will be present at several moments of the schedule. On July 21st, at 3pm, the musical group will present “Gen Verde in Concert”, open to all pilgrims to the Aparecida shrine. And in phase 3, the group will promote workshops and plenary sessions. With its music rich in accents and multicultural tones, Gen Verde promotes universal fraternity, besides seeking to foster dialogue between different cultures and religions.

Gen Verde 2023 Copyright
Gen Verde 2023 – Copyright

Young people from 18 to 35 years are still registering to take part in Genfest on the official website: www.genfest.org. Registration is also open for people over the age of 35 who wish to take part in Genfest 2024, they can participate as volunteers, making themselves available to work during the festival.

Get to know the three phases of Genfest

Phase 1 of Genfest takes place from July 12th to 18th, 2024 in several cities in Brazil and Latin America, offering the opportunity for around 600 young people to do volunteer work in more than 35 Civil Society Organizations (SCO’s) linked to UniRedes. During this week of immersion in the sociocultural reality of Latin America, the participants will be provided with simple accommodation by the host communities and three meals a day.

Phase 2 of Genfest will take place in Aparecida, between July 19th and 21st, and it is the main event of the festival. During these days, young people will have the opportunity to show their experiences in favor of building a united world, of peace and universal fraternity, through artistic demonstrations, testimonies and other activities. Registration for this phase includes entrance to the event and meals, with accommodation being discretionary and it can be purchased separately.

The 3rd phase of Genfest, which takes place from July 21st to 24th, is aimed at 2,000 young people who will be able to “extend” their rich experience by taking part in the “Pathways” communities. These will be moments of union, workshops, talking circles and other activities, with the participation of renowned professionals from different areas. Those who register for this phase must choose one of the following communities: I) Economy and Work; II) Interculturality and Dialogue; III) Spirituality and Human Rights; IV) Health and Ecology; V) Art and Social Commitment; VI) Education and Research; VII) Communication and Media; and VIII) Active Citizenship and Politics. The proposal is for collaborative networks to emerge from these areas, as a way of continuing this experience where the young people live.


Genfest 2024 registration and news are available on the website: www.genfest.org. If you wish to make a donation to make a change for young people who dream to take part in Genfest, but are unable to afford it, make a money transfer for the email mfocolares@yahoo.com.br or via Banco do Brasil (001), Agency 3583-1, Current Account 4448-2, Brazil National Registry of Legal Entities number: 05.056.796/0001-18, Recipient: MOVIMENTO DOS FOCOLARES MARIAPOLIS GINETTA.