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Religions in the Global World – Sophia International Summer School 2015

6 June 2015   |   , ,

The goal of the Summer School “Religions in the Global World” is to provide the crucial elements that are required in order to address the global complexity of religions, deepening and extending the mutual knowledge and functional relations among religions and the civil societies in their many different forms. Theological, cultural, political and economical frameworks are all involved as the key elements in order to develop practical and feasible models to sustain a concrete co-existence among communities and cultures, and for reconciliation in light of the rising tensions that are threatening to tear the fabric of our societies apart.

Sophia University Institute, in collaboration with the Research and Learning Program “Religions in the Global World”, is offering a Summer School in Tonadico (Trent, Italy) in which its typical academic methodology can be experienced. Within an interdisciplinary and interreligious framework, participants will look at the different disciplines and cultures through an integrated perspective of study and experience, connecting theoretical and analytical issues with practical case studies thanks to lectures, workshops, panel discussions and dialogue. The purpose is to encourage profound openness and acceptance, trusting diversity as an opportunity to enrich one another, in the firm belief that the golden rule is shared by all men of goodwill.

The School will benefit from a fund given by the Province of Trent, covering food and accommodation costs. Travel expenses and registration fee are not included.

Participants: 35 grants available for undergraduate, graduate students and Ph.D. candidates. 5 grants are reserved for students from the Province of Trent. Applications (you can download the form here) will be accepted until all places have been filled.
Languages: English – Italian
Registration: Registration fee €50
Location: Palazzo Scopoli, Piazza Marzollo 3 Tonadico (Trent, Italy)
Schedule: August 25th (20.00) – August 30th (14.00)
Deadline: Application must be submitted by July 15th 2015
Contact: paolo.frizzi@iu-sophia.org
Sophia University Institute: +39 055 9051 500
Paolo Frizzi (Coordination): +39 349 608 9723