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The best of our 2021 stories

31 December 2021   |   , ,

Another year is coming to an end and, to say goodbye together, the authors of the UWP editorial staff have selected for you the stories, the interviews, the news from the world they have dealt with and that have most fascinated them in this 2021. Take the opportunity to read or re-read them, discover “our” 2021 of UWP. Hoping that they can excite you!

From murals to hospitality: the Lecce revolution

Paolo Balduzzi, one of our Italian journalists, has chosen an article with an artistic theme. Let’s discover with him the story of the murals of the “Stadio” district of Lecce, in the extreme south of Puglia. A project to which many artists have collaborated, contributing to beautify the streets and requalifying “the lives of people, starting from a relationship of fraternity”.

Do you want to admire the murals of the “Stadio” district of Lecce and discover its history? Then click here:

From murals to hospitality, the Lecce revolution

“I’m Hungry.” The provocation that inspired a wave of collaboration

Lourdes Hercules, a journalist from Guatemala, chose her January 2021 interview with Jomery Nery, a young Brazilian lawyer and director of operations for Anpecom (National Association for an Economy of Communion) who told her how he reacted after one of the community leaders in Beiru, Salvador de Bahia, sent him a text message that read, “I’m hungry.”

Want to know what happened next? Click here to read it:

“I’m hungry,” the provocation that inspired a wave of collaboration

“We have to take our prayers and turn them into actions”

The choice of our Argentine journalist, Anita Martinez, fell on the piece dedicated to the words of John Mundell, an environmental engineer and geologist who lives in Indianapolis (Indiana, USA) and who has chosen to dedicate his life to the care of the environment, supported and accompanied by his family.

In this article, John tells us about his experiences and what ” ecological conversion” means to him.

“We have to take our prayers and turn them into actions”


Ozone, the poisonous gas that allows there to be life

If we want, together, we can face and solve the climate crisis. This is the consideration reached by Tamara Pastorelli, an Italian journalist, at the end of the interview with Dr. Alcide di Sarra, an Italian scientist working at the Laboratory of Observations and Measurements for the Environment and Climate of ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development). For example, it is a matter of building on the experience gained internationally to contain the hole in the ozone layer, the poisonous gas that nevertheless allows life on Earth.

For those not satisfied with a simple web search, to learn more:

Ozone, the poisonous gas that allows there to be life

The earthquake in Haiti and the missionaries of the Belém Mission

Our Brazilian author and designer, Luísa Rodrigues, chose her article published in September, which also contains a clear infographic by Pascale Mounsef, our Lebanese designer. This article, through the voice and commitment of the missionaries of Belém Mission, recounts the effects of the last earthquake in Haiti, while the population was still trying to recover from the one in 2010.

The entire interview is available here:

The earthquake in Haiti and the missionaries of the Belém Mission

Fleeing Afghanistan

Separation, pain, escape, but also gestures of concrete welcome. Our author Laura Salerno, from Italy, has chosen the touching story of an Afghan family fled from their country and welcomed in Italy.

A must read in order not to forget the drama of the Afghan people:

Fleeing Afghanistan

#PlanetPledge | Belfast: the Repair Café

Also from Italy, our author Carlotta Raimondo wanted to recall this article, published only a few weeks ago. It is dedicated to the experience of the Repair Café in Belfast… A story of hope, of relationships and of sleeves rolled up, to “fix” what no longer works, or to give new life to discarded things, but… together! Because at the end of this year, instead of throwing away old and broken things, we want to propose that you reuse them, creatively!

Get inspired…and click here:

#PlanetPledge | Belfast: the Repair Café