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9 April 2013   |   , ,
Incontro con Rap. UNESCO Uruguay


After this presentation, there was a spontaneous exchange of all that is going on among the youth. For instance, the onset of small businesses around the network that emerged around our social work “Nueva Vida” or how “Sharing with Africa”, a worksite of reciprocity, has become part and parcel of the United World Project. The African continent has much to say and give to the whole world.

“So far, society has always looked down upon community work. Through the United World Project you can create a positive ‘counterculture’, not a punishment but a way to build a better society”, concluded Maria Paz Echeverriarza who works in the field according to the concept of “communities of practice” according to Etienne Wenger. These communities aim at a practical goal in accordance to explicit rules, such as the Golden Rule and so forth. A comment of a youth attending this meeting: “A very good meeting where we felt truly listened to.”

Author: Maria Pia Gutierrez