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As if it were the last day of my life

1 May 2021   |   , , Y4UW

Remember the movie “Blood Diamond” by director Edward Zwick? It is a 2006 movie, nominated for multiple Oscars, that tells about stories set during the civil war in Sierra Leone in the late 1990s. If you are familiar with the scenes of that movie, it won’t be difficult to visualize the story of Joseph Konah Koroma, a former child soldier from Sierra Leone, who has experienced first-hand, tragedies and dramas that are difficult to accept, especially considering that even today, throughout the world, there are about 300,000 children forced to fight.

At May 1st Loppiano, among the opening events of the United World Week 2021, Joseph told his story: made up of darkness and pain, but also of great light and hope. Today, Joseph studies at Sophia University Institute with a dream. His dream? To bring love among his people…

Read Joseph’s full story on the website of Loppiano: