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Brazil | Flash news #daretocare

2 July 2021   |   , #daretocare, Y4UW

On June 25th the Youth for a United World from the central region of Brazil began an urgent campaign to help indigenous people who are camped in the country’s capital.


More than 900 indigenous people have been in Brasilia since June 23 to peacefully protest against the project law that changes the demarcation of indigenous lands (PL 490/2007 – recently approved by the Chamber of Deputies). It restricts the land rights of indigenous people and facilitates “exploitation, invasion and territorial conflicts” (Sonia Guajajara, indigenous activist for the newspaper Correio Brasiliense, 24/06/2021).

Without supplies, the indigenous people need water, food and protection from the cold, since they are in an open area without any protection. Thus, the Youth for a United World of the region, touched by the situation, took care of their indigenous brothers and sisters and mobilized to help them. With the money raised from the campaign, they have already managed to bring 320 new blankets and 80 socks to the camp where they are staying.