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Communication and the communities of the future

15 November 2019   |   , ,
By Chiara Andreola.

“Humanity 4.0” forum in Trento (Italy).

How will our communities be, in the not so distant future? What kind of role will communications play in their formation? Especially in a world where every aspect of our co-existence – be it politics, economy or social – all seem to pass through social and integrated networks. These are just a few of the questions to be addressed in the forthcoming forum: “Humanity 4.0 – Towards the Communities of the Future”, from November 29 to December 1, 2019, in Cadine and Trento, northern Italy.

Promoted by the “Per Sophia Foundation”, Sophia University Institute and NetOne, together with the Autonomous Province of Trento, this forum of dialogue and discussion is aimed at young people up to 35 years of age. Content will include stimulating input from high level speakers, such as consultant on digital matters to the United Nations,  Fadi Chehadé, communications academics expert in artificial intelligence Fabio Pasqualetti and Paolo Benanti, diplomat and current Italian Ambassador to Algeria, Pasquale Ferrara. As well as presenting keynote speeches, they will also be part of round table discussions and workshops alongside the young participants and local citizens. The session on Sunday 1 December, in fact, is open to the city. The whole process will promote reflection and new ideas which can then be circulated widely through a whole range of channels. According to the forum organizers, “Understanding the present and the future of communities actually constitutes a decisive strategic element from a social and cultural point of view. It can help to decipher experimental forms and transform fears, social fractures and even conflicts into an opportunity to generate answers, at both local and global levels”.

The forum is designed to be a real formative process, facilitating the participants to acquire competencies necessary for a critical understanding of contemporary social realities, which are characterized by an ever-more pervasive use of digital technologies for both communication and information. All too often, these risk to smother the person rather than helping towards our true fulfilment.

Formation, therefore, requires offering knowledge and perspectives which permit us to look at communication, information and digital technologies from the viewpoint of their potential of service to the human person – in our individual and communal dimensions.  Participants will be offered the chance to interact with experts in the digital world, assimilate an ethical vision of this field, and learn how to use innovative – ethically-motivated – instruments.

The forum is open to young adults under 35 years of age. Online booking opens 17 November, through this link.

Sponsorship is available for 40 participants to cover board and lodging for the duration of the forum.

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