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‘Knowing in order to communicate’. Interview with Roberta Formisano

1mo Maggio Loppiano_Foto Comunicazione Loppiano
1mo Maggio Loppiano_Foto Comunicazione Loppiano

Interview with Roberta Formisano, an Italian TV production assistant at Tv2000, the Italian bishops’ conference broadcaster, graduated in Sociology of Communication. A young woman with a passion for communication that began at a young age.

Already at the age of 7, I dreamt of becoming a journalist! Especially a war journalist. So, I studied communication in university, focusing on the sociological aspect of it, because I believe that the biggest challenge in communication is to get in touch with people, to get to know their stories. This is a great opportunity, every day, to build relationships with others’, says Roberta.

Since 2012, Roberta Formisano has been exercising her profession, working for an event held every year in Loppiano, a small town of the Focolare Movement, in Tuscany, which is the ‘Primo Maggio. She had the chance to work as a journalist, which was a great opportunity to learn, to get involved.

‘Primo Maggio’ is a day dedicated to workshops, thematic meetings, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate, to get to know many people from all over the world. Through art, meetings with experts on certain topics, one returns home with a enriched baggage of new relationships, but also with many questions, many reflections on oneself, on the imprint one wants to leave in the world.

‘In the beautiful experience of Primo Maggio you don’t work alone, it is necessarily a team effort. In communication, it is also essential to let yourself be advised, to listen to the suggestions of others. The key to everything lies in continuous exchange and not in confrontation, it’s a constructive dialogue’, Roberta adds.

She concludes: ‘What I have learnt over all these years, and also what motivated me at the beginning when I wanted to be a journalist, was listening. The world of communication is truly vast, but I believe that at the basis of everything there has to be a sense of listening: listening to the other person. Because communicating always means communicating something about someone, but first you have to get to know them’.