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“Linea d’ombra”: a new episode of ‘Sparks’ is out!

17 July 2023   |   , ,

From 16th July 2023, you can find the latest episode on United World Project podcast; it tells the story of a couple from Trieste (Italy); founders of “Linea d’ombra” (Shadow line), an organisation that offers first aid to migrants.

Defending the Balkan migrants

Lorena is 68, Gian Andrea is 85. They have been married more than 30 years and live in Trieste, a city in the northeast of Italy. Every day, late afternoon, they travel together to the central square of their city and remain there until late, sometimes until midnight or one o’clock in the morning. Trieste is famous for people taking their evening aperitif in the square, but they are not going for that reason. Trieste is also a border city: just a few kilometres from Slovenia, in recent years it has become the destination for thousands of migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other countries.  Men, women and children are fleeing from places affected by war, famine and political instability. Each one of them crosses 6,7 or 8 countries on foot in order to reach Trieste, before continuing their journey, which often lasts many years.

The latest story available on podcast

It’s called “Linea d’Ombra” (“Shadow line”).  It tells the story of a man and woman who set out each day to the main square of their city to give help to the migrants who arrive exhausted after walking hundreds of miles through woods, often without shoes which have worn out on the journey or been confiscated by the border police to try to prevent them from going any further.  One of the first things the couple had to learn, was how to tend to the migrants’ wounded feet. And so, ‘Lights in the Shadow’ was born, an association founded by Lorena and Gian Andrea to reach out to those not receiving help from other institutions or organisations. Their testimony is one of constancy and perseverance: it carries the message that it is never too late to make a difference.

The voice of 2 change makers

“It’s 8 years since Gian Andrea and I have been out on the street every evening – Lorena tells us – we haven’t even taken a holiday; every day – she adds on a more serious note, but in no doubt – Every time I ask myself: but what are we going to do this evening? What kind of life are we living?  What are we doing with our lives?”  In reply, she recalls a few words from her husband: “Gian Andrea gave me an answer that reassured me, because he told me that we were like thieves searching for our prey every night. We are searching for meaning”.  You can find their story on Sparks, a not so young couple who in search of meaning in their own lives, bravely get their hands dirty to help others in need.

What is Sparks and where can you listen to it?

 Sparks is the new English podcast of the United World Project.  It brings you the stories of changemakers and the tiny spark which inspired them to make a difference to societyYou can find each episode on the main podcast platfoms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Audible, Anghami (just click on the platform to hear it straight away)

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