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16 December 2016   |   , ,

The foundation is committed to work with the latest in the more peripheral areas of the Egyptian capital. Among the main aims of their activities is the fight truancy of children, promote women’s participation in public debate and encourage girls and women to access to educational and professional paths, developing their personal skills (see for example the project sheets ” Boys at risk” and “Woman educator of peace”).

The scale of the growing commitment of Koz Kazah and the positive response that the previous programs found in the local population, now make it necessary to strengthen the organization’s capacity in order to improve the effectiveness and quality of services offered to the population and make them stable and continuous in time.

For this, the initial group of volunteers were added gradually some professionals and coordination.
For craft activities already started with the women’s group (wickerwork, kitchen, catering and green printing), the new project will encourage the integration into work of some of them carried through internships in local companies.

To ensure the sustainability and quality of the project will also strengthen the skills and capabilities of those who for years, even on a voluntary basis, has chosen with enthusiasm and dedication to devote to work in the Foundation.

We believe that all the richness of experience gained by Koz Kazah with the boys of Shubra, born of sharing and dialogue between generations and religions, will inspire other communities of young people and adults to grow and work together.

In this regard, we decided to do with Koz Kazah here in Italy a Development Education laboratories, to meet in the next three years with some schools in the territory of Rome and province.

It will be an occasion to share moments of intercultural and co-development, exchanging experiences and mutual sensitivity, a small fraternity bridge over the Mediterranean.

Main activities Summary

– Weekly training meetings to promote social inclusion and family relationships of women, boys and girls – Organization of recreational and leisure activities, trips and training camps;

– Creation of self-help groups and a psychological service – Implementation of training courses on ecological printing techniques of cutting and sewing, cooking and catering and craftsmanship of wicker;

– Guidance and support to the labor of women;

– Training and upgrading of skills for the personnel of Koz Kazah;

– Construction of 18 laboratories of development education in schools in Italy, in collaboration with Koz Kazah;

The total cost for the 3-year project is € 581,939.96, of which € 112,608.14 paid by the local counterpart and € 272,917.00 paid by the CEI. The requested contribution of AMU is therefore € 196,414.81 (as of 12/16/2015).

Source: AMU