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Sparks: the story of Reina, who saves the children from the streets of Bolivia

15 November 2023   |   Bolivia, Sparks Podcast, United World Project
Podcast Sparks - Episode 6
Podcast Sparks – Episode 6

The last episode of Sparks is out now!

Today, on November 16, 2023, the sixth episode of the “Sparks” podcast is released. This time, we narrate to you the story of Reina, from Bolivia. Raised in an orphanage, as an adult she opened a daycare center that today saves more than a 120 boys and girls from the dangers of the streets.

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The birth of the Clara Luz Center

Since her parents died when she was still a child, Reina grew up between a small home and an orphanage, taking care of her brothers and playing without shoes in the dusty streets of the Vallegrande (Santa Cruz) countryside.  She gets married at the age 17 years, and after a few trips, returns to Bolivia, where she discovers that still many children pass their days in the streets of the villages, without any education, while their parents are at work. She cannot remain indifferent: she invites them into her home, gives them clean clothes and shoes. But they are too many. Thus, it is like this that the idea to open a daycare center is born: It’s called Clara Luz, and today it welcomes more than a 120 boys and girls between the ages of 6 months and 12 years, followed by Reina and other educators.

What is Sparks, and where can I listen to it?

Sparks is the new English podcast produced by the United World Project. It tells stories of changemakers who, like sparks, triggered a change to improve their society. We remind you that you can find each episode on the main platforms for podcasts: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastAmazon MusicAudibleAnghami (click on the name of the platform to listen now).

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Podcast Sparks - Episode 6
Podcast Sparks – Episode 6