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Special UWW2021 – May 1st in Loppiano

3 May 2021   |   , , Y4UW

Couldn’t follow the live streaming of the Loppiano May 1st event? It doesn’t matter! Here you can watch again the show that, since 1973, has taken place every 1st of May in the international little town of the Focolare Movement, with theatrical performances, music and testimonies! #daretocare is a shock that awakens us from our slumber, beyond the illness, the fears, the isolation caused by the pandemic. The invitation that the young people of Loppiano May 1st event make to themselves and to their peers is one of resilience: “No matter what events hit our lives, in each case we decide how to react: by having the strength to go beyond our sorrows, even beyond ourselves, by daring to care for each other, by moving forward, together”.