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TGT.Podcast – “Michelle & Youmna: light in the midst of chaos”

12 September 2020   |   Stati Uniti, ,

We invite you to listen to the last episode of the first season of TGT.Podcast. In this episode, Noé and Chris talk to Michelle and Youmna, connected from Beirut, Lebanon, who share their experience of how they try to find the light in the middle of the chaos that is happening in their country right now.

Youmna and Michelle tell how, with their friends from Youth for a United World, they are working to recover from the explosion that has devastated the entire city, in the midst of a national economic and political crisis, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hope for me is a process that goes back and forth. When I see the destruction in the streets, I feel hopeless… when I see people cleaning them up together, I feel there is hope,” Michelle reflects.

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With this great interview, Noé, Chris and the whole TGT.Podcast team close this season and prepare, in a few weeks time, for the start of the second season, where there will be more interviews and surprises, from various parts of the world… to continue to build, through dialogue, new ways to reach a united world.