Run4Unity 2020

3 Maggio 2020   |   Online Streaming

Hundreds of thousands of boys and girls who are protagonists of the world relay race. Boys and girls of different ethnicities, cultures and religions run together to witness their commitment to peace and to promote an instrument to achieve it: the golden rule.


The race is promoted by Teens4Unity of the Focolare Movement. It takes place every year on the first Sunday in May from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (in the different time zones), during the United World Week which is part of the United World Project. An event that, in previous editions, has seen the participation of over 100,000 adolescents in various cities in every corner of the world.

What is it?

The baton goes from time zone to time zone, which is an occasion to exchange between the different cities. In various locations of different latitudes, sporting events, solidarity actions and experiences of active citizenship take place in places where loneliness, poverty and marginalization prevail. In various parts are also involved personalities from the world of sport and culture, civil and religious authorities.

Vuoi farne parte?

The official Run4Unity website allows you to prepare the event and collects live contributions from social networks. Many are the messages, photos, videos that show what and how many ideas are in the pipeline in different countries around the world.

Organice Run4Unity in your own city!

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