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Bangladesh: PM reaffirms Dhaka’s commitment to global peace

26 Settembre 2013   |   , ,


“It is, therefore, of paramount importance to understand what afflicts our people, especially our youths, and to try to feel their needs and aspirations with empathy,” Hasina said in her message.

The premier said they continue to be inspired by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who firmly believed in democratic rights and social justice as the cornerstone for building a peaceful world.


In the days to come, the prime minister said, Bangladesh shall continue to remain on the side of any initiative to promoting peace as a fundamental premise for our pursuit of sustainable development in the post-2015 scenario.
“Our enduring commitment to global peace has been best exemplified through the ‘People’s Empowerment and Development’ model that I proposed to the UN in 2011, leading to its adoption by a consensus by the comity of nations last year.”

The premier reaffirmed, on behalf of the government and the people of Bangladesh, her unwavering commitment to peace and security across the globe. “This is indeed an occasion to renew and redeem our pledge to ensure a stable and peaceful world, as envisioned by the UN Charter.” In an increasingly inter-connected world, Sheikh Hasina said, the absence of peace anywhere is a threat to peace allover.

“Peace is, however, not guaranteed by the absence of wars or conflicts alone. In recent times, we’ve seen mass social unrests in many parts of the world and have witnessed the ugly face of fratricidal conflicts that have left many innocent people maimed, scarred and displaced from their homes.

Source: www.thedailystar.net