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Arcobaleno (Rainbow) Association

This Association started in the early 1980s when a group of young people organized a soccer competition to promote brotherhood called “Mundialito”, involving 24 teams from as many nationalities, formed by students and workers who moved to Milan from many different parts of the world. The Association aims to disseminate the culture of dialogue and unity among peoples, as the founder of the Focolare Movement, Chiara Lubich, used to say: “Loving other people’s home country as your own“.

Legally established in 1983 following the massive migration flows of the 1990s, Arcobaleno developed several initiatives and services to facilitate the integration of migrants into Milan’s social, cultural, and labor environment: Italian language courses (since 1985), IT classes, and advisory services regarding issues related to integration and employment. In 1994, it was included in the Registry of Volunteer Work of the Lombardy Region. The need to provide a point of reference and aggregation to migrants during their leisure time, in the aim of preventing situations of human and cultural degradation, over the last few years has led to the organization of different recreational activities, especially on holidays. Some examples: tours of Milan and tourist destinations in the Region, folk dancing, polyphonic choirs, theater workshops and performances. In addition, the Association sponsors cultural, sports, and religious initiatives organized by groups coming from different backgrounds to preserve, develop, and showcase their roots. Quite often, foreign people who attended Italian classes offer to work as cultural mediators or dedicate their time to support the organization of the different activities and, in some cases, even promote new initiatives.


Associazione Arcobaleno

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