United World Project


“Sempre persona” (person for ever)

This project provides support to the families of current and former inmates of Rome’s Rebibbia prison who are in dire economic straits, accompanying the inmates when they rejoin their families, mediating in family reconciliation, and helping the inmates to maintain an active relationship with their families, and especially with their partners.

Currently, about 30 volunteers (including former inmates and Nuovi Orizzonti personnel) are engaged in the Project by following more than 170 families (their number is constantly rising), and by giving them moral support, food, and other supplies. We first reach out to inmates, who often tell us about their destitute families who need basic goods and nearly always include children, who are often newborn babies. Most of these families live in Rome or in neighboring towns.

The spirit that inspires this initiative is to be a family to them, by giving them support and help. This Project is sponsored by AZIONE PER FAMIGLIE NUOVE ONLUS (Action for New Families) and NUOVI ORIZZONTI (New Horizons).

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