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31 May 2016   |   , ,

“Where was I?”, sang the Gen verde on stage of 1st May of Loppiano, from the piece “Who cries for you”, inspired by the tragedy of the immigrants. A question echoed powerfully among the 1200 participants at the day of feat, certainly, but also the commitment for the people who suffer. The young people of Loppiano have that view from their part – like the subtitle “Start where you are” – but what reaches the lands and far people, with a preference for those that are engulfed by suffering. There is Aleppo, with escalation of bombs and deaths that for 10 days spring up; there are populations struck by earthquake in Ecuador that calling for life and return to normality, but there are also diverse archipelago of associations and initiatives in Itlay that work in view of intergration. “Scope of the day- explain the youth for united world, the organisations, was to put on spot, exchange ideas, project this “flow” as from the title – that represents the mosaic of initiative that runs down the whole boot the sign of reception, of legality, of politics lived as service, of the care for environment and much more. In a single word, “For Fraternity”.


“And we, what are we doing to stop war?” the youth asked themselves this when they arrived in Loppiano shortly from all of Italy. Tarek and Lubna , respectively from Aleppo and Amman. In Aleppo, the situation is very grave. “Since the bombs have resumed falling like rain, there are very many gestures of solidarity among the people – tells Tarek. This reveals the nature of my people that do not surrender, but are hurt in in their dignity. We say aloud STOP to the war and ask for the gift of peace with faith.”. “In Jordan we have 3 million refugees, half are Syrian – explained Lubna. On arrival, they have deep sad eyes, their hope is dead. We try to share the life of fear that they faced up to that point, giving them what they need love and sense of family. ” Then, in a video-message Wael Suleiman, Director of Caritas Jordan, addressed an urgent appeal to the Italian and European young people: “Work with us to stop the war, come to the Middle East and help us rebuild our countries, so that people should no longer escape, migrate. We want to live in our land. “

Nahomy and Mary are both of Ecuadorian origin, but one lives in Italy, while the other is in Loppiano for some months. Telling of the extraordinary strength of their people: “The suffering of those who had nothing more became the suffering of all, to the point that the country has put itself to do all that it could do. The prisoners inside the prison began to build wooden panellings, people of different political parties have made a team, the cooks have become the heroes who cooked a hot meal for all, the poor have also shared the little they had.”

It is clear from the youth present on 1st of May (Primo Maggio) have before their eyes on the world, you can see it from their perspective projected beyond their own horizon, in all circumstances. Also in family relations, that are today deeply compromised by the fluidity of the concept of the family. They came up with a powerful testimony and surprising in many ways: one of a family that welcomed their father home, after years of neglect and separation.

To the questions of what advice would be given to those who are in similar situations, one of the children replied: “To the parents I would say never to put us children against one another or against the parent and to the children, to love your parents whatever they do, because they too are in need of our love.”


Dances, songs and music were the backdrop to these stories of young people who have decided to take an active part in building a present and future world that they want to be different. “I’m tired of confrontations and conflicts in politics as in everyday life- Writes a guy on the big wall, the wall on which those who want can “leave” that part of himself that hinders the flow of the current fraternity- The only things that interest me and I want to live are those that bring us together, not those that divide us.”

And speaking of politics, Cristina Guarda, twenty-five regional venetian councillor, says the reasons which led her to enter the political arena: “I was always convinced that politics is what we build when we put ourselves in the service of our neighbour. I felt it was time to get involved.” A point of view at least alternative, according to the scenario in which the palaces of politics has accustomed us, But which received thunderous applause from the youth of Primo Maggio: who has ears, let him hear.

On the big screen, one of Chiara Lubich sentence introduce well the panel that concludes the morning: “If you want to transform a city, begin with those who have your same ideal. Together look for the very poor, the abandoned, orphans, prisoners, those who are marginalized, and give, always give: a word, a smile, your time, your assests …. “. It starts immediately after a hail of Youth-projects ideas for a United World in Italy: in Turin in a small dormitory, in Florence with a group of people “otherwise free”, prisoners of Gozzini prison; in Syracuse with Summer Campus which will also take place next summer and expects to support activities and animations with children and young people in difficulty; in Napoli and Caserta where the project “Fraternity Workshops” has involved hundreds of young people at risk suburbs and ended with workshops and concerts of Gen Rosso.

The afternoon continued outdoors with the Expo of the United World Project on disarmament, the environment, the economy of communion, art, culture with the Sophia University Institute, Slotmob-against gambling, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, etc.

The day ended with “FlowRun”: a stage race that culminates in an explosion of celebration, music and colors as if to prove that enthusiasm and joy are essential for anyone who wants to infect others in the adventure of a world “for” and not “against”.