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Rosario: a shared vegetable garden

20 November 2017   |   , ,

In the city of Rosario, Argentina, a group of Youth for a United World made a shared vegetable garden in the backyard of a suburban school and taught the students how to cultivate and take care of it.

For three years now, the Youth for a United World of Rosario have been sharing some one-day activities with the students of the “Mary Mother of the Civilization of Love” school on the outskirts of the city, where they collaborated to decorate common spaces such as courtyards and corridors.

During a recent visit, the school headmaster had asked for their help in arranging the garden.

This is why three Youth for a United World, students of an agrotechnical course, consulted with their university teachers to learn to manufacture compost.

In addition, one of the assistant professors involved six environmental engineering students who provided their know-how and manual skills. All together, they organized a workshop to teach the school senior students to recycle school canteen waste to fertilize the soil of the garden, taken care of by junior students.

As a result, about 25 children have learned with enthusiasm to take care of the garden, and they also learned to put into practice the acquired knowledge at home.
After this, they gathered in the garden to work together and see how the compost was doing, thus giving color and life to a school that is located in one of the “gray areas” of the city.

Young people, teenagers, children, teachers… all have done their part to carry out a project that bears fruits not only within the school but also in daily life. A small project that goes hand in hand with the urgent need to learn and live out ecology in everyday life and integrate it into our daily routines, to create a more sustainable world, together.