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United World Week – Flash News 3

17 May 2016   |   , ,

Here are some of the activities that the Youth for a United World carried out to conclude the UWW 2016:





b 320 0 16777215 00 images fn1From Mariapolis Faro, Krizevci

“We had a bicycle tour; we were about 50 people of different ages. Before starting the galla, the “dice for games of the ideal” was tossed and we tried to find ways of living the phrase that we had gotten: “Don’t giveup even when it is difficult”.
Our afternoon was full of team games keepin in mind not to give up …. And we also lived a beautiful moment riding together in the beautiful rural zone. It was a beautiful day, we were very happy to have lived this day altogether.




A sports tournament in the heart of Paris!

About 40 youth rallied in the 5th edition of Run4Unity, to live together a moment of fraternity, to know more about others via sports. Important and significant was the participation of many youth from Afghanistan. Volley, basket, table tennis, foosball, bowling and of course football were part of sports day!



During the United World Week, an idea of doing “Artistic Variety” came up, because they had discovered that through art and doing it together, was a way of transmitting to others what they live. There were many youth gathered for the preparation! They took advantage to gather foodstuffs to donate to the poor and charity benefit for Ecuador!



fn6Run4unity 2016 – Bucarest, Romania

“We headed for Run4unity renewing the faith in the love of God because in Bucarest there had been a foreseen tempest on 8th May. The weather was very beautiful after one week of heavy rains, the skies remained serene. We got hope also in seeing that many people that we had shortly known were committed to help us. We were in the park of the youth where we had the sports and games. There were those who said that it was the day they had dreamt of, for; which they had worked hard but it was worth it. The weather was very beautiful and once in a while passers-by stopped and asked us what was being done in the park and they were swept off.”

fn7The youth for a United World proposed doing a riley race also with whom was right in need and chose a centre of disabled young people of which many had economic difficulties.
At the end, they said: It was a difficult to leave us – many wrote to us saying that they did not want the day to end – not only in the park but also in the centre where we created very beautiful connections with the children and teenagers there, with their parents and with the staff. It was sincerely an incredible experience!