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United World Project: the Contest

11 January 2018   |   , ,

he United World Project, the Youth for a United World and the NGO New Humanity are launching FraterniTALES, a contest to recruit ‘United World Ambassadors’ and to promote the official recognition of the United World Week by the UN.

One of the objectives of the United World Project is for the United Nations to recognise the United World Week, so that it may become a universal initiative, shared by everyone. The journey, which started in 2012, reached another milestone last November, when some young people met the representatives of the NGO New Humanity.

Founded in 1986 and active in more than one hundred countries worldwide, the aim of this Non-Governmental Organisation is to Contribute to the realisation of the unity of the human family in the full respect of the specific identity of each of its components”.

Moving from that common ground, young people and adults found a space for collaboration and came up with a joint proposal: to create a global network linking together a group of ‘United World Ambassadors’, young men and women aged 18 to 24 who – after a training period – will act as spokespeople for the Youth for a United World across the globe before national and international institutions.

They will be given the specific mandate to start a collaboration with the UNESCO National Commissions and to present the United World Project to them along with the full list of ‘best practices’ that have emerged in each country during the United World Week over the years.

By appointing the United World Ambassadors, we would like to give more power to the voice of young people who are committed to building a more just and fraternal future, and to encourage young men and women from all over the world to get involved in dialogue with public institutions.
The United World Ambassadors will be recruited starting from 1st February 2018 via the FraterniTALES contest.

Young people aged 18 to 24 who have an interest and skills in issues such as universal fraternity, global citizenship, sustainable development, human rights education, the functioning of international institutions and ethical leadership, are encouraged to apply to become part of the United World Ambassadors team.

Applications will be open from 1st February until 1st March. In order to participate, each candidate will need to fill out the application form and attach a personal contribution (a photograph, a video – up to 60 seconds long – or a written experience) describing his or her profile, with a special focus on the candidate’s motivation, vision for a united world and, where applicable, the initiatives in which the candidate has been involved in the past.

The documentation should be sent to uww.contest@unitedworldproject.org .
Applications will subsequently be shared on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the contest. A jury will then be appointed to select the most deserving candidates.

Selected candidates will have access to a training course comprising two distinct phases:
The initial phase will consist of a series of introductory online training modules about the United World Project and the work of international institutions;

The second phase will consist of lectures given by international relations experts and professors (some of whom are representatives to UNESCO). The lectures will take place over two days in Manila, Philippines, just before the Genfest (6th-8th July 2018). They will be live-streamed for candidates who will not be able to attend the event.

We look forward to receiving your application! Tell us about your vision for a united world and your experience, and become a United World Ambassador!
For more information, please contact uww.contest@unitedworldproject.org.