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AEIS Accessible Environment Inclusive Society

This project intends to contribute to the dissemination of a culture of environmental accessibility.

As long as the disabled person does not encounter an obstacle that limits his or her path, his or her disability may not be a real problem.

We therefore want to contribute to making our environment accessible to everyone, including those with physical or cognitive limitations. We do this by drawing on the many concrete experiences of life and social commitment gained in this field by people who personally experience situations of disability or who are in contact with it at various levels: evidence of how the lived experience of limitation is able to illuminate the thinking and action necessary to make communities evolve in a genuinely inclusive way.



Accessible Environment, Inclusive Society

9 May 2021 Public launch of the "Accessible Environment, Inclusive Society" project during United World Week. Innovative experiences and projects involving people with disabilities, activists and professionals from different parts of the world were shared.

New Perspectives from Experiencing Limits

September 11, 2021 The first of four webinars, to deepen the culture of accessibility, to exchange experiences on how to build a society free of architectural, technological, cultural and social barriers that exclude so many people.


Let’s reflect together on the culture of accessibility and share experiences on how to build a world without any architectural, technological, cultural, or social barriers that may exclude many people from fully participating in society.

Accessibility to information and communication

A new appointment with AIES (Accessible Environment Inclusive Society)

Accessibility and Inclusion

We talk about this from various perspectives, with a transdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach, proceeding in four steps: