United World Project


development of universal BROTHERHOOD

20 August 2012   |   , ,

Developments of Universal Brotherhood are existent in every part of the globe today.

In every point, priority shall be given to local needs as we aim to build a united world with actions ad hoc. Each individual, as well as each nation and continent could give their contribution in this planetary motion, through the specificity of which the project bears.

This map keeps our project’s progress under control, monitoring new interventions that collaborate and create new points of universal brotherhood and the status of those which are already existing.

focus on Africa

Africa is a continent in which we have our focus on, a prophecy of the third millenium that has been home to the initial progress of universal brotherhood for quite sometime now.

The Youth for a United World, since 1969 have already decided to launch Operation Africa, born from the need of giving out concrete help to Bangwa’s people, a village in Fontem, Cameroon, in which the infant mortality rate is higher than 90%, almost risking extinction.

That small village has slowly become a town. However, more importantly, it has become a place well-founded on living the Golden Rule concretely. Through dialogue and this new collaboration, based on reciprocal respect and on the willingness to live for each other, they have brought this nation closer to living with the spirit of Universal Brotherhood that has distinguished Fontem in all these years.

Our projects in Africa today are numerous and they move forward in different directions, in the perspective of reciprocity and not solely on sustenance and livelihood.

With them we want to look ahead and right where the deep wounds still remain open, to be able to bear witness the fruits of universal brotherhood. We believe that by doing this, all humanity could enrich in the communitarian sense that which Africa is a testimony.