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Discovering Fraternity – Report 2015

8 August 2015   |   , ,

The Report 2015 highlights the event in India and documents what we lived during those days: the experience of universal brotherhood from the Asian continent point of view. This report takes off from last year, when we spoke about the Sharing with Africa event, held in Nairobi, Kenya, that had a similar focus, from the African perspective. Next year we intend to deepen the experience in the American continent, building to 2017 when we would propose an appropriate definition of the principle of universal brotherhood in the 2nd edition of the Atlas of Universal Brotherhood.

We hope you enjoy the report and understand our call to be “extremists of dialogue”. We would like to thank all the participants who directly or indirectly made the United World Week possible and especially those who concretely worked for the Report: Cherylanne Menezes Doni – India, Preeyanoot Surinkaew Metta – Thailand, Yorley Adriana Esquivel – Venezuela, Elaine Barreto – India, Arun Jordan – India, Aurelio Tchoupe – Cameroon, Francesco Ricciardi – Italy, Cristian Buceceanu – Romania, and in a special way to Cherie-Ann Pereira – India and to Lawrence Chong – Singapore, our key contributors. We feel that working together has been a product of real universal fraternity! Let us know if you agree!

You can download and consult the full report at this link: unitedworldproject.org/en/download/uww-report-asia-2015