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Peace is possible and can be started by each one – Day of Peace

19 September 2016   |   , ,
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In this time in which they were signing the peace accords between the government and the guerrillas and the country was asked about the reconciliation process, Olga thought that was the ocassion to give them the light of the Ideal and so she asked help, and together with the people of the Focolare movement they prepared a beautiful day about Peace.

A total of 800 students were present from 13 to 17 years together with the director the professors of all courses and the service personnel. The program was intended to help children learn to live the peace in everyday life. The theme of “Pieces of brotherhood in Latin America” done by a volunteer from focolare moviment donated to the children hope for the future of the country.

The youth from the Focolare movement, very passionate did a roundup of experiences they deeply shared with joy how they transform relations with tolerance, unselfish love with the little things of every day life in the family, with their friends, in university where “where they are put in the place of the other”; they talked about their visit to Chocó, marginal zone in the floresta, scenario of conflict between the various armed groups, where they went to “live” with the locals sharing everyday life’s pain and giving them peace and joy; beautiful experiences about the culture of giving, etc.

The time of “forgiveness” was very strong for all children; They had to think in a feeling of hatred or resentment towards someone, write it on a piece of paper, for later burning. Many sorrows! They had the feeling that with this day, they hope that each one will find himself in a peaceful life, reconstructed with real relationships, made with faith and love … The faces were radiant …

Eventually the directors and the professors thanking: “We had never experienced such a beautiful constructive day”; “It ‘was the beginning of many moments of open dialogue between students and professors.” “Now for the many, peace begins by themselves without waiting for the others, adults, the government .. doing something they feel personally responsible.”

After this day , a dialog session was made in every class to help children to overcome the remnants of misunderstandings, discard the hate and the vengeance in their heart and to forgive from inside.

All continue to remember this day, -even the lady who works in the reception felt loved by the Gen, ever since entering the school she is welcomed with love-saying she’s feeling that something has changed in the school than before where there were so many divisions. They see that peace is possible and begins by each, with small gestures.