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Over 60 thousand living the Golden Rule

2 September 2013   |   , ,
Golden Rule

Even through Facebook we can learn something about it! Among the great number of news on the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) – Jordan page, one can also find: ‘For me the Golden Rule is to love, to love God in the other person, to love my enemy. Several times it has helped me to help others, to give something, to make the lives of others better, to try and find the light within.’ ‘The meaning of the Golden Rule – says another young man – is the desire to love that I find within my heart. When I help a friend or a relative, my heart is full of the Golden Rule.’

From these words, we can see that the Golden Rule has really penetrated the heart of these young people. All of a sudden, it has changed their perspective in life and widened their horizon, even in such times of uncertainty. Therefore, day by day, they become silent builders of universal fraternity.