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Paris: New Responsibilities for Peacebuilders

17 November 2015   |   , ,

In the face of a plan that appears perverse, it is obvious that there is only not one answer. But it is also obvious that an uncontrolled reaction to violence will not push back those who want to destroy peoples’ life force and their aspiration to coexist in peace.

The conviction that the world can walk towards unity and avoid confrontation and armed violence remains alive in the spirit and in the actions of those who have at heart love for every person and the future of the human family and want to bring it about through political action, the tools of the economy, the rule of law.

The Focolare Movement, while it weeps with those who weep, continues to believe in the path of dialogue, of acceptance and of respect for the other, whoever that may be and from whatever provenance, religious belief, and ethnicity. Therefore, together with those with different responsibilities who work for peace even at personal risk, the Focolare renews its commitment to intensify and multiply acts and gestures of reconciliation, spaces for dialogue and communion, opportunities for encounter and sharing at levels and in all parts of the world to embrace the cry of humanity and transform it into new hope.”

Source: focolare.org