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Photo Contest “Brotherhood in a click”

14 December 2018   |   , Fraternità,

The Youth for a United World from Cuneo, Northern Italy, organized the photo contest “Brotherhood in a click” to support the Project “Friendship among the Families in Italy and in the Middle East“, a solidarity bridge aimed at helping some families in trouble in Lebanon.

This initiative invites participants to develop the theme of brotherhood drawing inspiration from these words pronounced by Maria Emmaus Voce, president of the Focolare Movement, at the Genfest held in Manila in July 2018:

(…) If our hearts change, the world begins to change. Our hearts change if they become imbued with the only value that all young people of every latitude recognize as the most important: love!

So, begin to love in actual facts. The first step is not about great actions, but small acts of love that make life great and have the power to change the world and to have an impact on society. Without fear of having to do who knows what, but just being close to those at your side. This means making an act of love for the supermarket cashier, taking care of the poor who demand something from us, making the beds as an act of love for our roommate, washing dishes as an act of love for those who will use them after us…

How to participate

Participation in the contest is open to all non-professional photographers without age limits. We invite participants to send by email just one photograph for each contest section (color or black and white) and attach it along with the duly completed registration form.

The registration cost is € 10.00; as we already said, part of the proceeds will be used to support the Project “Friendship among the Families in Italy and the in the Middle East.”

Payment can be made through Satispay (description: “Photo Contest Brotherhood” and complete name of the participant) on the telephone number +393488464294, or delivered in cash to “Mobili Viale” Via Roma 22, Cuneo, or to “Hobby Foto” Corso Nizza 45, Cuneo. The printing of the photographs is in charge of the organization.

The delivery of the works must take place before December 31, 2018 to the following email accounts: info@hobbyfotocerato.it and babyii@hotmail.it (please send them to both accounts), subject: “Photo Contest Brotherhood” and the complete name of the participant.

Please find more information, the regulations, and the registration form on the Website of the Association Obiettivo Fraternità, which funds the contest.