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The United World Project at UNESCO

29 November 2017   |   , ,

Chantal Grevin, first representative of the NGO New Humanity, participated in the 39th Session of UNESCO Member States General Conference in Paris, where she presented some good practices proposed by the Youth for a United World in the fight against violent extremism, and for the promotion of peace.

«Since 2012, UNESCO has developed in its programs a conceptual tool with enormous potential: global citizenship. Just as UNESCO had the audacity in 1978 to speak of the “world heritage of mankind”, thus going beyond the national framework, so today UNESCO advances the notion of “global citizenship…».

During her speech, Dr. Grevin congratulated UNESCO’s choice to promote the concept of global citizenship as a key solution to solve the problem of violent extremism, a solution that can also be achieved through education to become a world-person, a global citizen.
Chantal Grevin, specifically, presented the experience of the Youth for a United World and their commitment to the United World Project, for the dissemination of universal brotherhood.

«Since 1996, the young people of the NGO New Humanity have embraced the idea of a united world. “Youth for a United World” as they call themselves, take all the possible paths to build universal brotherhood, are engaged in international peace support campaigns, act on a daily basis by multiplying the “seeds of fraternity” that they promote and that they discover in others (actions for the most needy, people who are alone, immigrants, victims of natural disasters …). By putting them together they see that their dream is achievable».

She also mentioned the United World Week in her speech before the audience of the UNESCO General Conference.

«Every year, during the United World Week, they physically meet in one location of the globe and virtually on the internet to make visible the fraternity actions that they do, that other NGOs do, so that the heads of their countries could see that a united world is moving ahead, not only in their own country, but on all continents».

Dr. Grevin also presented the first Atlas of Universal Brotherhood and concluded her speech as the spokesperson for the Youth for a United World: “They would like the United World Week to be recognized by the United Nations so as to become universal heritage, an instrument to become citizens of the world. Other NGOs, such as BICE (International Childhood Bureau) and OIEC (International Organization of Catholic Education), support this petition for global citizenship education.

November 6, 2017, was really a historical day, when New Humanity and Youth for a United World have created a joint “seed of brotherhood” – their contribution to build a united world together with UNESCO, because: the first Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not an empty word: All human beings […]should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 

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