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Updating on the UWP from the Holy Land

1 May 2013   |   , ,

“Today we would like to talk more extensively about brotherhood, the guiding principle of the United World Project. It begins from the understanding that fraternity is the ‘driving force’ of human history: it is our imperative duty to bring it to light. For this reason we started to let lived brotherhood emerge around us, observing its historical force. From this came forth the first of the three initiatives generated by the Genfest: organize ourselves as a permanent observatory of universal brotherhood.

“Another is the United World Week (UWW), an international and itinerant expo of our campaign for fraternity. It is a unique and important moment. We hope to be recognized soon by the United Nations.
Pay attention, though: we are more than what we think! A global network of people is being created; they are adhering to our project through a signature with which they commit themselves to live fraternity putting it at the centre of their way of life. So far we have reached about 40 thousand signatures and it continues to increase every day!

“It is a complex, worldwide, challenging project in which we find recorded and analyzed “fragments of fraternity”, the UWW as an international workshop and signatures as a Global Network. Underlying all this is the “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”, the heart of many civilizations and traditions.

“Some famous personalities and witnesses of the world, some mayors, many representatives of the social, political and religious world are helping us in this undertaking. On this occasion, we want to remind you that there are many people who are already connected to the website www.unitedworldproject.org and have signed their personal commitment “to live the Golden Rule”.

“And you, have you signed already? So far many ideas have been invented in order to promote this initiative. Who knows how many more we will invent. For example, in the coming days, 6000 young people are going to meet in Ecuador to join the project. So, let’s go ahead together to weave this network of Love that is enveloping the world!

“Yes, the road is long. In the meantime, during these months, important steps have been taken regarding the relationship with institutions. Recently, some young people were received by UNESCO in France, Portugal and Uruguay, at the Federal Senate in Brazil, in Zambia during a Diocesan Day, in Italy and in many other places.

“To coordinate everything we organized ourselves by giving rise to a Permanent Observatory of Brotherhood (the United World Watch). Our first goal is to build the Atlas of Fraternity: just imagine the world map illuminated by all the fragments of fraternity that are changing our history!
But how can we detect these fraternal actions? The United World Watch has involved collaboration with young people from more than 30 countries, and through a survey form, we have so far received more than 700 sheets indicating fraternal actions. We are still analyzing the results, but we can disclose that the result is an exciting outline clearly showing that brotherhood is underway with original formulas, sometimes imaginative, but transforming human history.

“We cannot go into details now: in our upcoming events we will present the results achieved. Meanwhile, we can tell you that we will bring all this material to the member states of UNESCO and we will strive to promote this initiative beginning with our friends up to reaching the international institutions, thanks also to our New Humanity NGO.

“As you can see, and as we realize every day, we have major goals ahead of us. Woe if we slow down now! Do we want to be the protagonists of our history or not? Yes, because, as Chiara taught us, universal brotherhood is God’s design on the human family. We too, with the United World Project, want to help to fulfil it”.

Here is the link to review the live streaming from Jerusalem: http://live.focolare.org/uww2013/