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22 March 2023   |   Stati Uniti, ,

Consulus and Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work at Fordham Law School Signs Strategic Partnership

New York, 21 March 2023 – Consulus, a global innovation by design firm, and Fordham Institute on Religion Law and Lawyer’s Work have signed a strategic partnership agreement to shape a new generation of lawyers who are value-driven, creative, and have the confidence to embrace diversity among cultures and faith beliefs to be resilient in a complex world. This project is inspired by the vision of a united world conceived by UNESCO Peace prize winner Chiara Lubich and aims to foster impact- oriented methods and initiatives.

The partnership was officially signed at Fordham Law School by Endy Moraes, Director, Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work (IRLLW), and Lawrence Chong, Group Chief Executive Officer of Consulus, representing the two organizations.

Following this collaboration, the Institute and Consulus will co-develop programs at Fordham that will instill value-driven professional development and shape a more resilient future workforce of lawyers.

“The legal profession is often cited for its many stressors and challenging workplace culture in the US and worldwide. With this partnership, we want to explore how faith values can enable dialogue across differences and a sense of connection and belonging that can foster well-rounded, purposeful attorneys at the service of others,” said Endy Moraes, Director, IRLLW at Fordham Law School.

“Between Singapore and New York, both are world class cities that impact the present and the future. In a more divided world, we need updated methods and tools to help shape common grounds for a shared humanity, this is why this project is so important and we are glad to work with the Institute on this” said Lawrence Chong, Group CEO at Consulus Global.

About the Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer’s Work at Fordham Law School

The Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work was established in 2001 as the culmination of Fordham’s efforts to serve the increasing number of attorneys, judges, scholars and students who desire to integrate faith values and perspectives in the context of the challenges of legal practice. At a time when the role of religion in professional life and in the public square is hotly debated, the Institute aims to promote an open, positive and constructive dialogue on issues relating to religion and law.


About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation by design firm serving leaders, companies, and cities in their transformation to shape a better world. Consulus believes that a culture of purpose and unity is essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
Consulus is present in 16 other nations throughout the world. Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion business network.