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Margarita, a community creator


by Antonella Ferrucci.

Margarita’s commitment as a “community creator” was recognized during the First  Meeting of Women for Peace. She is Argentinean from Santa Maria di Catamarca, descendant of the aboriginal “calchaquies”.

Tucuman, Argentina – Margarita Ramirez De Moreno, Argentinean from Santa Maria di Catamarca, descends from the aboriginal “calchaquies” and she is mother of seven children. Graduated from the Aurora School (an institution recognized by the Argentine government for the great educational contribution it offers in the study and recovery of the techniques and symbols of the “Quechua” culture) in her city, in 2003, in the face of rampant unemployment, she decided to establish a spinning mill to supply the weaving workshop of the school.

Of course, her enterprise is not a simple one: «It was not easy to convince the women of my land, who had always been discriminated against, to resume their spinning work,» says Margarita, «since to get to the spinning mill it was necessary to cross rivers and travel many miles every day. There were no tools, either. Little by little, everyone made available what they had: a spindle, some wool, their skills in some traditional art…».

From that moment on, providential episodes alternate with very hard moments in which Margarita goes so far as to think that perhaps it is appropriate to surrender, but in the end she decides to continue:«I proposed to my colleagues to make a ‘pact’: that of working every day seeking the good in others, always paying attention to the needs of our neighbour, putting those around us first: all in all I asked them to implement that evangelical love that I have learned into the work environment; the Gospel itself asks us so: the rest will be given to us in addition».

It was with this in mind that the atelier “Tinku Kamayu, which in the local dialect means “Gathered together to work”, was created.

«We have found our identity and with that comes hope, growth, job opportunities for ourselves and others and the richness of our cultural origins. We feel we are useful – we don’t feel humiliated any longer. Other people appreciate us and want to hear our ideas».

Fifteen years after the beginning of this adventure, it was given an important recognition. On 1st October Margarita was invited to Tucumán to give her testimony at the “1st Meeting of Women for Peace” and on that occasion she received the “Award the best 2018” award for the category: “Community Creators“.

The event is organised by the “World Federation of Grand Master Ladies”. This is an international association, found in many parts of the world that works with individuals, groups and foundations: its spirit facilitates women in establishing links of friendship, fraternity and support and enables them engage politically in initiatives promoting peace, security and protection.

«I am thrilled and surprised to have been invited by the Argentinean General Coordinator to speak at this meeting for Women from all around the World,» said Margarita «When I asked her: “Why me?” she replied that the work of women in every area is a contribution to the culture of peace and this must be recognized. I have travelled to many places, representing my colleagues, showing the work we do and what we can give from our heart and that’s what I have done at this meeting, too».

Margarita said she was happy with the recognition, which she extended to all her colleagues:«I had only 12 minutes to present our work but as I spoke I could see the concentration I was given by the audience, I felt that people were deeply listening to me».