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Mexico City: alliances to generate the greatest impact

14 May 2018   |   , ,

In the capital city of Mexico several activities will be held to celebrate the United World Week. In addition to Run4Unity on May 20, we are going to know the many activities that Teens for Unity, together with different associations, carry out to generate a positive impact on their city.

In Mexico City, Run4Unity will be held on May 20 at a sports center. However, the idea of those who organize the event and carry out the activities is to generate initiatives that have a greater social impact in the long term, to ensure a continuity and an effect that can respond to the problems Mexico is to face.

Abraham Barrera, one of the leaders and organizers of Teens for Unity, tells us that in the current context of the Mexican capital city, there are three serious problems. The first is the large number of refugees arriving day after day (between 50 and 300). Another is the large number of teenage mothers. The third, no less serious, is the high rate of violence and drug addiction that affects the city.

That is why the Teens for Unity of Mexico decided, together with other engaged people, to join different associations and foundations to work together and thus be able, from the essence and the talents of each one, to promote initiatives with greater impact, better preparation, and more perseverance.

“The activity we have selected for the United World Week, in addition to Run4Unity, is working with the ‘Casa Refugiados’ Organization, with which we have been collaborating for a long time. One of their activities carried out along with Teens for Unity, was the celebration of Children’s Day, since Casa Refugiados has a vast population of unaccompanied children, and we want to set up events that give them joy,” explains Abraham.

Another institution we work with is the Civil Association ‘Danza Portando’, whose focus is to take care of teenage mothers, single women, children, and seniors, through the implementation of permanent projects that allow them to educate mothers about the importance of breastfeeding and the special attention they must pay at that stage. “Teenage mothers’ education is focused on their children’s care. Another project that we are planning aims to provide food to people who are in a vulnerable situation,” says Abraham, adding that these are only two of the many activities they are organizing.

It is in this way, working specifically in the peripheral areas and complexities of Mexico City, that Teens for Unity seek to generate awareness, but their aim is not only to denounce the problems, but also take concrete measures to face and solve them.