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The United World Week joined the starting blocks

1 May 2020   |   Internazionale, ,

We are very close to the start of the United World Week! We went to take a look behind the scenes of the first events that will be broadcast live from the United World Project website.

On May 1, the United World Week will open at 12:00 a.m. Italian time on the United World Project website with an ecumenical prayer for peace. Throughout the day, other events will take place in Vietnam, Angola, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, the Philippines, South East Asia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brazil, and Colombia.

At 3.00 p.m. Italian time, the usual big event with young Italians in the citadel of Loppiano – “May 1st in Loppiano” – will be broadcast live streaming also from the United World Project website. «Act now, don’t get stuck in your closed rooms, have a focus on the world and on what is happening even miles away from us – the organizers explain. NOW Loading is a call to action that we launch to all young people in Italy and the rest of the world. Loneliness, fear, and powerlessness due to the pandemic did not stop us. The event of May 1st will gather fragments of universal brotherhood from the multiplicity of experiences of solidarity and hope that have been activated in this time of global “emergency”, but without turning our eyes away from poverty, wars, and from the many ill situations that still afflict so many areas in the world».

Participants also include the women artists of the musical band Gen Verde, protagonists of the third live event on the United World Project website, at 9.00 pm Italian time: “Live from Home #4 – In time for Peace”.

“The invitation to participate in the United World Week events, so desired and intensely lived by the youngest, immediately put us in play – says Rainveth Banfield, singer and dancer of the group. Working to promote social justice, commitment to peace, and to safeguard human rights is a constant drive for us in everything we do. It will be a special evening dedicated to young people, to the work we do with them, to the deep relationships we build with them, and to the shared commitment to be protagonists of a more fraternal world. You just can’t miss it!”

Just as May 1 is filled with great events, May 2 will be no less. In fact, on Saturday at 12 a.m. (UTC+2) the central event of the United World Week will take place, entitled #InTimeForPeace Web Event. A marathon of experiences, reflections, justice and peace projects, and artistic contributions from all over the world. It will be a truly exciting moment and an opportunity to tour the world from home.

Another interesting event will be “A Dream to Tell”, organized by AMU (Non-profit Association for a United World), which will show what is being done for social justice and development in terms of initiatives to build peace in places such as Ecuador and Syria.

On May 3, another of the central events of the United World Week, Run4Unity: 24 hours of world sports relay race involving hundreds of thousands of girls and boys from all latitudes. This year they can’t go running, but that doesn’t stop them. They will organize several local events online to reflect on peace. For example, in Buenos Aires, where through a Zoom connection, people from an Islamic community, a Jewish community, and a Catholic community will meet to share experiences and convey an interreligious message of peace for their country and the whole world.

Another important event on Monday 3 will be the Webinar organized by the Sophia University Institute and the Political Movement for Unity (MPPU): “Europe and its neighbours: it’s time for proximity”. An interesting conference with experts such as Pasquale Ferrara (Italian Ambassador to Algeria), Réka Szemerkényi (Hungarian economist, Vice-President of the Centre for European Policy Analysis, Washington D.C.), and Miguel Aguado (President of the Association for Dialogue and Democratic Renewal, Madrid), moderated by Mario Bruno, President of the MPPU International Centre.

Of course, during these two days there will also be local events in Burkina Faso, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Myanmar, Indonesia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, and other places.