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Oxford welcomes United World Project!

18 October 2019   |   United Kingdom, United World Project,
By Conleth Burns.

A group of students and young professionals have started a local United World Project in Oxford, England.

They launched the local Project at the annual Oxford University Students Union Freshers’ Fair. Over two days, the team spoke to hundreds of students with almost 100 students signing up to learn more about the project.

Vincenzo Belcastro, one of the team members, commented: «It was great to share this project with so many students from such a diversity of backgrounds. The response was really positive – people wanted to know how we were going to build this united world.»

The pitch they made was simple: join a diverse group of people who are taking concrete steps to build a United World, in Oxford and all over the world. The strategy is local, and together with teams across the world, the impact will be global.

Isabela Gomes, another team member, shared: «This launch is only the start, we have a plan for the year ahead, and now have a bigger team of changemakers who want to join us in building this diverse, open and inclusive community.»

«The two day fair was also a chance to share the work we do internationally as the United World Project,» according to Davide Bilardi (Team Member), he continued: «Many people were interested in the Ambassadors for a United World programme, the Pathways strategy and the volunteering opportunities in MilONGa – it was a great opportunity to share these projects!”

One of the team’s first events will be an evening called: “United World Kitchen.” The attendees will be asked to bring one popular ingredient from their country and then together using all the ingredients, they will make dinner for all those who turn up. Next May, they will organise Run4Unity during United World Week. They also plan to organise fundraisers for initiatives of the United World Project around the world.

If you want to set up a local United World Project Team in your city, please email: pathways@unitedworldproject.org where our team can help you in setting it up!