Economy, work and communion


We live in an inter-connected world. As the third millennium advances, the central role played by the global economy and finance markets becomes clearer and clearer. Many of the problems afflicting our world can be traced back to an unbalanced economic system which values money and power at the expense of the needs of people and our planet.

We dream of a world in which no-one is in need. A world in which everyone has the opportunity to develop to their full human potential, materially and spiritually.

We know the world starts to change when we change ourselves. We recognize that we ourselves can be the prime movers of change.

courses of action

We recognize that we all have something to give: goods, talents, our time and even our needs. We seek ways to encourage the development of each person’s abilities to benefit the common good. We start from our own personal commitment in order to contribute towards global economic change. We propose joint action for change to tackle existing poverty and to prevent it in the future:

  • Poverty: we pledge to look beyond our own needs, to recognize the social inequalities around us in our neighborhoods and nations, and to take effective concrete actions to make sustainable improvement;
  • Work and production: we pledge to campaign and act to ensure that conditions of work and economic activity are carried out in respect of human rights, of nature and of the common good;
  • Consumers: we pledge to be responsible consumers promoting good habits of taking and using only what we really need;
  • Investment and saving: we pledge to exercise and promote ethical financial practices, personally and in our institutions.

Good Practices

Let’s get together and let’s be heard! Let us bombard our friends, colleagues, organizations, and national and international institutions with one idea: NO ONE IN NEED.

There are so many initiatives, do you want to know them? Here are some of them:

  • The Street Store, a temporary and free shop for the most disadvantaged people in the city;
  • Actions #ZeroHunger, such as the “shared meal” with those most in need, or a proposal addressed to the restaurants in the city to pay for a “suspended meal” for those who need it, etc.;
  • Into the LABel, the responsible consumption laboratory. Because while we consume we can “vote with our wallets,” by rewarding or not, the values and production style of a certain company rather than another;
  • Awareness-raising actions for disinvestment in banks involved in weapons manufacturing or unethical funds and investment in sustainable development and peace;
  • Fundraising for development projects. Examples: Communion and Action; AMU Development Projects;
  • Conferences and workshops on entrepreneurship, work, poverty, consumption, investment for development, etc.

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We share all our actions to promote the Pathways “Economy, work and communion” with our hashtag: #NoOneInNeed.

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