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The UN has set 17 important goals to be achieved by 2030. The second of these is the elimination of hunger in the world, and to achieve it it has asked for the help of young people who live to build a united world. The response was then the “Zero Hunger” project, which aims to spread a sober lifestyle based on love for others and to make many people participate in a new culture based on giving and sharing.

The style with which this project is carried out is that of sharing, witnessing, mobilising for peace and environmental protection, but also raising public awareness through art forms, moments of in-depth analysis and presence on social media.

Website: Zero Hunger | ZeroHunger Generation | Teens4Unity


#ZeroHunger _ A Commitment Towards a United World

October 16, 2021 Global event made by kids for kids, on the occasion of World Food Day 2021.

Zero Hunger Formation in Action, an educational perspective

With this study we would like to discover, together with educators from different countries, some of the deepest motivations that lead us to embrace a concrete and broad project in response to an evil afflicting Humanity and how does this project relate to the desire to actualize the Ideal of unity in our profession and in our daily environment...