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Just making a choice

7 November 2013   |   , ,
Donare Soldi

“Suddenly, I felt that I had to make a choice: either keep the hard-earned money or give all my saving to this person. Deep within, I felt that I had to make this act of total trust without worrying about my situation.With any further doubt, the following morning I went to hand over that amount of money. He was very surprised and he thanked me a lot.

“A few days later the bank informed me that I had to close the bank account because I had no balance. I was getting ready to go to the bank to carry out the required procedures to close the account when I receive a phone call. It was the bank that wanted to inform me that I had won the lottery (I didn’t even remember the number I had bought some time earlier paying 3.5 Egyptian Pounds). This isn’t all! That person to whom I had given the sum, returned me the money that I had given him and all of a sudden I had double the money on my account!”.