United World Project


“Embrace Humanity, Spark Change”. United World Week 2024 is here!

The countdown has started!  United World Week 2024 takes place from 1st-7th May; a truly global expo of initiatives, stories and actions towards universal fraternity, building peace between individuals and peoples across the world.

Young people, adults, teenagers, children; teachers, professionals, influencers, workers, everyone travelling together towards the same goal, to build a world of greater solidarity, more inclusive, more united, like a ‘people’, colourful in their diversity, bubbling away, as United World Week approaches once more.

The big launch will be 1st May, in Loppiano (Tuscany) through an online event, with many other cities setting off too, from across the world; from beginning to end, concluding on 7th May, events will unfold like a giant workshop, seizing every opportunity, big or small, to cry out our longing for peace and fraternity.

Our motto this year, “Embrace Humanity, Spark Change”, is the inspiration for whatever we are doing, in whatever part of the world, whether reaching out to the poor and marginalised, caring for the environment, or forming our consciences and educating for peace.

But it’s not just our own countdown, setting off from here in Loppiano, Italy, that is beginning; lets think for a moment of Reina in Bolivia, Mabih in Cameroon, or the community in Indianapolis in USA, their countdown is beginning too, in their own time zones!

Then the chain of events will begin – so many different expressions, from running to prayers, from loud noise to silence: everything demonstrating that in spite of wars, and the enormous challenges our world is facing, there are countless fragments of peace.

Not from a few crazy people, or a handful of scattered Focolare communities. No!  these are gestures from people who are fully aware of what they are undertaking; heartbreaking when we think of Ukraine, Gaza and the Middle East, and other corners of the world. Yet, Mabih, Reina, the community in Indianapolis, or those gathered in Loppiano, share the conviction that the countdown applies to everyone, especially for those who suffer.  The clock is ticking for these people martyred by war, displacement, climate change, and every form of exclusion.

It’s so important, therefore, that this year United World Week becomes part of the journey towards Genfest, the Youth Festival, promoted by the Focolare Movement, which takes place in Aparecida, Brazil next July; that it prepares the way for even greater social commitment throughout the world. United World Week marks the first step, the second step will be Genfest.

So, where can we find all these different events?  Go straight to the website! You will find details of the opening event on 1st May, Peace Got Talent on 4th May.  And of course, Run4Unity, on 5th May, the global relay race organised by teenagers all over the world (adults can run too!), taking place, wherever possible, in places symbolic of peace, along borders of countries and communities where there is conflict or places that shout out ‘inclusion’. Then, Mabih, Reina, the community at Indianapolis will certainly not be alone, but joined by thousands of other people, from every nation and continent, called by name, one by one, who have worked courageously all year, to help their own people, daring to believe in fraternity.  Let’s have the courage to dare too – even if we fail, we can be sure that good will always flower from our efforts, from the fact that we have tried.

See you at the United World Week, ready to live the adventure together.