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Gen Rosso: Shock of the World

6 November 2020   |   , ,

The international performing arts group Gen Rosso has joined our #daretocare campaign by releasing a new song, Shock of the World, about the pressing issue of global pollution.

Gen Rosso International Performing Arts Group has released Shock of the World, a new song about ecology and the environment, accompanied by a captivating music video. The song contains a call: open your eyes, open your heart. Use your head, your heart and your hands – in other words, think, love and act concretely in favour of nature and humankind.

Shock of the World highlights the serious dangers the planet faces if concrete action is not taken to implement a change of course. “The whole track expresses a strong, clear message. That is why we decided that rap was the most direct and effective language we could use to convey these strong ideas, the message of respect towards the environment that we want to get across to the heart of society”, explains the musical director of the band, Emmanuele Chirco. He adds: “The rhythmic pattern and the harmonies allowed for it, and we imagined that it could add something new to our live performances, bring a new musical colour into our concert”.

As for the video, it is very different from anything Gen Rosso has done before. “In the video, the protagonist’s journey aims to be a metaphor for every person’s journey and humanity’s journey through progress, development, life. The most important and defining moment is the one in which the protagonist decides to give some of his water instead of keeping it all to himself” – says the director – “I think it’s easy to say that we need to save the planet and that forests are beautiful, but it is much harder to be in a desert, where there is no water, and decide to give some of your water, not just thinking about your own survival, but also about the fact that everything else around you needs to continue living too…”. Part of the video was produced in the studio, with vivid images and colours, to better convey the strength of the propelling force that guides the protagonist through his journey, which, the director explains, is an act of love.

Shock of the World is the third (with Go For Love and Now) of a new set of songs that will be part of the new album that the band will be working on for the next two years.

Alongside the release of their new songs, in these unprecedented times for bands all over the world, Gen Rosso are performing online – Face2Face – for people and communities around the world, as well as streaming videos and live concerts on their official YouTube channel.

To end the year, the band is also preparing two concerts that will take place on 19th and 20th December, that will be “a moment to celebrate life, to go to the heart of humanity’s problems, and put life back at the centre”.