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In Burundi “It’s possible!”

8 February 2022   |   , ,
Edited by AMU – Action for a United World NGO

The project “It’s possible!”, promoted by AMU and CASOBU aims to create community microcredit groups whose members can self-sustain each other for the creation of business activities and, in the second phase, create a community microfinance group to support the growth of expanding projects.

Birashoboka! In kirundi language means “it’s possible!” It is from this conviction that the Community Microcredit and Microfinance project was born.

Since its inception, AMU has sought ways of fraternity in the most vulnerable contexts of the world; ways that lay the foundations for effective development, while respecting the specific social, cultural and economic reality.

This is why, despite the great difficulties in which Burundi still faces in these years, AMU has discovered that supporting the skills and ideas of the local community is the best way for lasting and conscious development.

Burundi, the second most densely populated country in Africa, is one of the five countries with the highest poverty rates in the world, ranking 185 out of 189 countries on the Human Development Index (2019 Report), nearly one in two families, about 4.6 million people, suffer from food insecurity and more than half of the children are malnourished (WFP, 2014 and 2016).

Furthermore, access to water and sanitation is very poor and less than 5% of the population is connected to the electricity grid (World Bank, 2016).

The health situation in the country also remains worrying, as most of the population must pay for health care directly.

Since 2007, AMU and CASOBU have been accompanying Burundian families on a path to improve their living conditions by intervening in several areas.

Acqueline is a young Burundian woman who is part of a microcredit group

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