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“NO ONE IN NEED” – United World Week 2019

11 April 2019   |   , , Y4UW

A week to change yourself.

A week to change the world.

1 – 7 May 2019

We are the teens and young people of the Focolare from all around the world and together with adults we launch to anyone who cares about the seven billion people who live on our planet, the campaign, “No One In Need”


– We mean no more poverty, whatever face it has, whatever form it takes, whatever its latitude.

We no longer tolerate a world going ahead at two speeds: the speed of the rich and that of the poor.

There are many forms of poverty in our cities, in our countries, or within us, not only from the point of view of hunger but also in terms of emptiness, loneliness, addictions… That’s why we need you, we need everyone, to find them, understand them, study them, get our hands dirty, and, TOGETHER, defeat them.


Our driver is the “culture of giving”, which means taking away from us to give to others in the aim of breaking down extreme poverty and distributive injustice.

– We believe that only through love for one’s neighbor we can defeat all kinds of poverty.

For this, we focus on relationships: we live and promote respect, the acceptance of those who are different or unknown, and those that we do not understand. Let us open our hands, our hearts, our wallets, our homes…


Let’s get together and let’s be heard! For seven days, let us bombard our friends, colleagues, organizations, and national and international institutions with one idea: NO ONE IN NEED.

There are so many initiatives, do you want to know them? Here are some of them:

  • The Street Store, a temporary and free shop for the most disadvantaged people in the city;
  • Actions #ZeroHunger, such as the “shared meal” with those most in need, or a proposal addressed to the restaurants in the city to pay for a “suspended meal” for those who need it, etc.;
  • Into the LABel, the responsible consumption laboratory. Because while we consume we can “vote with our wallets,” by rewarding or not, the values and production style of a certain company rather than another.
  • Awareness-raising actions for disinvestment in banks involved in weapons manufacturing or unethical funds and investment in sustainable development and peace.
  • Fundraising for development projects. Examples: Communion and Action; AMU Development Projects.
  • Conferences and workshops on entrepreneurship, work, poverty, consumption, investment for development, etc.


  • May 5 – Run4Unity: #zerohunger.
  • May 11 – IntoTheLABel worldwide, the global responsible consumption laboratory.

“NO ONE IN NEED” – the event

June 9 through 16, at the Mariapolis Luminosa – USA, there will be a special event to report about what has been done in the whole world in 2018-2019, to achieve the goal “No One in Need”.