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23 June 2023   |   Internazionale, ,

An international volunteering programme that appeals to everyone

As well as an international voluntary outreach project, for young people aged between 18-35, who offer their gifts and services, Milonga is an adventure of unity built in collaboration with non-governmental organisations and the local communities around them.

Today, Milonga works with more than 30 non-governmental organisations. With their presence, these NGO’s, contribute to building a safer world, based on solidarity and justice, the very same goals shared by our International Volunteering Programme.

The work of these organisations and their staff, for example with children and young people caught in situations of abandonment or conflict; migrants; recovering addicts; the elderly etc ; is precisely what attracts many young people to join the Milonga Volunteering Programme, and helps them to decide their choice of destination.

In 2023, new organisations have come forward  whilst others, already belonging to the programme, have welcomed their first volunteers.

Judith, a young volunteer from Spain, decided to begin her voluntary experience (gap year), in Ottmaring, in Germany, helping at an ecumenical Centre where she participated in various projects for children and young people, including arranging their accommodation, English classes for those wanting to improve their language skills, and workshops etc..

“ I arrived without knowing where I was going to stay, what job I would be doing or how I would feel.  But straight away I felt ‘at home’; people took the time to greet me personally; everyone I met asked me how things were going.  I felt as thought the whole community was looking after me ; I felt completely ‘at home’..

Judith is now fulfilling the second part of her volunteering at Casa de Los Niños in Bolivia, a completely different experience, as she says herself, to the one  in Ottmaring, but which has certainly taught her many things, and allowed her to get to know more deeply the realities lived in different parts of the world.

Alongside these non-governmental organisations exist local communities; groups of people who not only support the daily activities of the NGO but animate its spirit and inspire the development of new initiatives.  They have a very important part to play in the overall volunteering experience.

Rocío, who is part of the local community which supports La Casa de Los Niños in Bolivia, found a way to join in the Milonga project, by opening his doors to young volunteers:

“ it was like receiving many beautiful visitors to my home; each one had their own way of doing things, their own characteristics.. I did it out of necessity but it was also a gift because it gave me the possibility to go beyond myself and my own worries in order to be attentive to the needs of others, who at first, could not speak the language and did not know their way around the city.. I discovered the richness of our differences; I understood that by opening up to others, we experience many unexpected things!

The Milonga project started over seven years ago and we have been able to see that the protagonists are not only the young volunteers:  the NGO’s and local communities who support them play a key role in enabling this to become an opportunity for service, an intercultural exchange and a commitment to global citizenship.

If you are part of an non-governmental organisation or a local community who would like to participate in Milonga, write to us at milonga@new-humanity.org or visit our website www.milongaproject.org to find out how to join.