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Towards politics of quality

6 April 2021   |   Internazionale, #daretocare,

Politics for Unity and global change: the initiative launched by the Politics for Unity Movement

The pandemic of COVID19 has revealed on a global level the crisis of contemporary culture: that is, it has made explicit the epochal change already underway and manifested in various ways, expressing even more the crisis of meaning that humanity is experiencing, bringing to light global problems that already exist. In this context, in which geopolitical changes are also occurring that create international tensions, politics has been slow to respond, revealing a lack of attention to substantive values that risk detracting from the quality of political thought and action at all levels.

The Politics for Unity Movement is walking towards its 25th anniversary. In this path, an international network has been consolidated with the aim of “generating quality political relations”, contributing to the construction of a more just and fraternal world, promoting and defending fundamental values, such as the fair distribution of resources and universal common goods, respect for the environment, the promotion of institutional models that favor participatory decision-making and management processes that enhance unity in diversity, favoring active citizenship and innovative forms of co-governance.

For this reason, the Politics for Unity Movement has begun a process of collective construction of a global appeal to promote the political culture of unity. An Appeal that is addressed to everyone:

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