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Bukas Palad Foundation

Bukas Palad Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (BP) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides sustainable development, education, livelihood, information and communication strategy to children, elderly, urban poor, and victims of calamities and disasters.

To this day, the Social Center continues to serve these communities because of the unstoppable population growth in the community that makes the work of the Local Government Agencies difficult to keep up with the delivery of public services in health care, education, livelihood programs, subsidized housing, sanitation, food subsidies, etc. This deficient public service is supplied by the Social Center through its programs and services.

Alternatively, despite many challenges, the Social Center was able to expand its programs and services to a community in Quezon City.  This step will spread the new approach of community development by concentrating on the development of the human person as a whole.  The new found community will also be introduced in this new way of life; where they are able to overcome the enslavement of poverty and take responsibility in building new society for themselves, families, communities, and the world.

To this date, Bukas Palad Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. has already reached over 10,000 families in its area of coverage.



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